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KX Pilates is a modern evolution of reformer Pilates which unleashes your true potential through intensive movement, passionate power and invigorating energy. Enjoy the journey and love the results as you take your health and fitness to the next level with KX.

Our philosophy is simple: small, continuous improvements lead to big rewards. Your tomorrow-self will thank you for what you do with us today.

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Reformer Pilates

You don't need to spend more time working out, just more intensity while doing so! KX Pilates delivers a high intensity, body-toning, reformer Pilates workout in just 50 minutes. It will help to increase your flexibility, balance and coordination, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

The KX Workout

It’s all about you

Think that Pilates or exercise isn’t for you? Well, we can assure you – it is! No matter who you are or what you do, you’re welcome at KX Pilates because we have classes to suit pretty much everyone. You’re the centre of the universe here.

Smarter. Not Longer.

You’re busy. But even with your hectic schedule, you can still fit in KX Pilates, because the sessions are geared to give the best fitness results, in the quickest time. So training just slots right into your day and in return, you get a regular energy boost.

Phenomenal KX Trainers

Come and meet some of the most inspirational Fitness Trainers in Australia who will provide personalised Pilates sessions in small, boutique-sized classes. You can breathe deeply knowing you’re under the care of qualified and motivating leaders.

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KX Classes

We don’t believe in ‘same-same’ or stock-standard. Neither do you. KX Pilates classes are designed to be as dynamic and unique as you are. Check out our range of sessions and pricing to choose the best match for you, and then let’s reinvigorate your health and transform your life together.

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50 min

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Largest pilates network


Dynamic reformer pilates classes a week

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Intensive FA accredited course for trainers


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"The KX Trainers make you feel supported without being confronted"

- Luisa, KX Client, VIC

"The Trainers give you that one-on-one attention you don't get in other gyms"

- Debra, KX Client, NSW

"I love the trainers. They all have something different to offer..."

- Tegan, KX Client, VIC

"KX changed my life, it gave me the healthiest body I have ever had and made me love exercising!"

- Ashleigh, KX Mosman

"The high level intensity of each workout makes me feel like I’m maximising the whole session and reaping the benefits twice weekly!"

- Lauren, KX Surry Hills

"The KX trainers motivate me to make time for my health, as they are always inventing new moves that keep it fun, fresh and challenging!"

- Laura, KX Balmain

"Scheduling KX classes helps me prioritise my health every week, it's the perfect stress reliever. I'm stronger in not just my body but my mind too."

- Deb, KX Hobart

"KX's variety of class times, amazing trainers and personal touch keeps me excited to come to class. I feel strong and powerful after every session."

- Sophie, KX Fitzroy

"The classes at KX are enjoyable (hard at times but you feel great!), flexible with times and in a fantastic environment with good trainers."

- Michelle, KX Berwick

"KX Pilates has changed the way I view fitness. They make high intensity workouts short, smart and fun. I feel a part of the KX community and have more energy and time for my health than ever before."

- Paz, KX Fitzroy


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