It’s 10.30 on Sunday night, time to head off to bed for a 5.20 start.
The mornings are getting chilly and it’s harder to get out of bed, but I do, off I go to Richmond, on my bike to the work I love.
5.40: I make my way up the stairs with my bike, Eli’s voice is in my head, “Whose tyre marks are they on the walls?” (Ok, not her words exactly but I’m sure that’s what her mind is thinking, and I don’t blame her)!
Feeling refreshed but still half asleep. On with the lights, time for some soft tunes and a cuppa.

5.50: The first footsteps make their way up the stairs, the creaks out way the silence of an empty studio. Suddenly, I’m awake, like a cold bucket of water has just been poured over me. It’s time to work “Morning, how are we?” I ask in a perky tone.
6.00: The class is full, ready and waiting, BRING IT ON!

Being a mother of two boys and working as a trainer at KX Pilates Richmond, my purpose in both environments are similar; striving to help achieve the best in my clients and children (although sometimes dealing with adults is an easier feat).

Week after week new clients experience Pilates at KX for the first time, some are totally oblivious to what to expect and others only know from being referred by a friend.
I am constantly inspired by you, the client. Your passion, willingness to push yourself to the next level and your ongoing commitment to exercise is amazing I remember you from your very first class and I’m always happy to see you return.

As each week passes for a new client, they begin to feel their body getting stronger and as a result it becomes easier, but you get to a point where you need to take it to the next phase. We suggest after 4-6 beginner classes you advance into a KX 2 (intermediate class.)
The body can get complacent when its not challenged and as a result you begin to plateau. It’s great to mix up the class times from day to day so you feel fresh and a change of whose class you choose is a good as a holiday.

50 minutes goes by really quickly on the reformer but for some just as they think they can’t do any more I announce “We’re in the final minutes of this class, hang in there.”
The tempo lifts right to the final second and suddenly the end, a big sigh of relief!

If you have any questions please contact me: [email protected]