Believe in Yourself and Act with Conviction.

Amie Skinner, Master Trainer.

‘There is no such word as can’t.’ The simple, wise words of my wonderful father, Mr Harry Skinner, which he instilled in me as a ‘young wee nipper’ (he’s Scottish)! Through moments of self doubt, questioning, and even tears, my Dad would always ask me the question, “Amie, are you a toughie or a toffee?” The only answer allowed was’ “I’m a toughie Daddy!”

Please do not think my Dad was or is a task-master or harsh man. He is actually as soft as a teddy bear, gives the best hugs in the world, and still to this day I have him wrapped around my little finger (as all youngest daughters with big brown eyes do)! But what he always strived to teach both my sister and I was the power of positive thinking, having self belief and then acting with conviction. Growing up, negativity was not allowed to be embraced and I cannot thank him enough for this. My life is rich, I have self-confidence, great self–esteem, I am worldly and it is very hard to phase me. He taught me to embrace challenges and to never be scared to set yourself a challenging challenge, no matter how big or small.

‘Attitude can be taught and changed at any age’. Don’t use poor attitude as an excuse, but rather change the way you think. I strongly believe that with a good attitude and the conviction to act positively anyone can achieve their goals and ambitions.

A lot of you at the moment have just taken on the almighty 30 Day Challenge. Whilst many of you have other fitness, weight loss and health goals. Outside of KX Pilates, some of you are training for marathons and triathlons, or having babies or changing jobs. Whatever your thing is, I believe the trick to succeeding comes down to four things; dreaming, believing, visioning and most importantly, acting!

Self- fulfilling prophecy is a powerful tool I use. Attitude and actions determine the outcome of your dream or goal. Positive thinking, acting ‘as if’ and keep on smiling regardless! So in class, workout with conviction and don’t be defeated by those agonizing oblique crunches on the box (remember they are great for love handles)! Squeeze out those extra two reps and remember that another 10 secs is ALWAYS possible. Plan out your journey to losing those 5kg’s you have wanted to lose since last Christmas and stick to it, before you get to this Christmas and make it 10!

For those of you doing the 30 Day Challenge, remember that some days will be harder than others, but if it was easy all the time, then it wouldn’t be a challenge. And for everyone who says, I can’t do another rep, I can’t get out of bed for the 6am class, I can’t say no to the banana bread at the Pour Kids café in Malvern (my personal battle at the moment!) You CAN! Because everything is possible when you perceive your self as a toughie and not a soft, squiddgy, toffee!

All the best,

– Amie