“I deserved a glass of… or I deserve a KX Pilates class, mat pilates, yoga, barre, dance, run, walk, swim or whatever makes you happy” –   It’s your choice!

Along the way, I’ve had periods when I felt strong and healthy and others when I’ve felt worn-out, lacked joy, and been above my ideal weight.

One thing I know to be true is to achieve the health and wellness you want, you only need to learn one lesson:

Nothing outside stops you. You stop you.

I know this may be a bit hard to hear but think about these words for a second. Everything what you create in your life, whatever it is. You create it, you do it. No one does it for you.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be if we could hire someone to do 100 push ups and squats for you every day. Would this help you? No! They will get stronger but what about you??? You are the one who has to do it!

You are the one who has to take 100% responsibility for your own life.  Yes, you might fail but you know what!? Never mind. Even if you fail, you will learn from your mistakes.  Next time you can do better.

I’ll give you an example from my personal life. I moved to Australia 2 years ago because I have decided to change my life in that time. I couldn’t speak English  but I believed I would one day. I didn’t give up even when I  failed and I was about to give up and took 100% responsibility.  It was difficult at times and I feel like I was at my “rock bottom” BUT chose to push through and I found out how strong I can be.

Some of you know me as your trainer and I can proudly say yes you understand what I am saying and I can help you to go through your workout quite easily without feeling stupid, as I have felt 2 years ago…What I am trying to say is you can do whatever you set your mind to.  In every field not even fitness goal, loose weight but also in your personal life no matter where you are it is important to know where you want to be.

Don’t wait for anything and take small steps to go toward your goal. Let’s say you want to start to exercise. Have you ever heard those excuses below? I am very familiar with them; yes I have them as well 😉

Please see examples below”

“I don’t have time for it.”

“You know I have 5 kids and 2 dogs and I have to do this and this…”

“I am so busy in my job and I don’t have energy to do anything.”

“I don’t want to feel pain and exercise is about pain, right?”

“I have injuries and I can’t move.” (Note that this person can walk…)

All those people want to change something but never do anything.

If you don’t try it if you don’t experience something new, how do you know you will not like it!? I want to give you courage to do something rather then nothing.

Do something is always better then doing nothing.

I hope this article gives you energy to do something!

– Kate