In a nut shell…

KX Pilates classes Melbourne Sydney - trainer Jolene Buchanan Jolene was a contracting bookkeeper, a yoga teacher and managing a yoga studio. Loving fitness and business, this was the perfect combination of work/life/balance – well most of the time! She first tried KX Pilates after being contacted by Aaron the Founder & CEO to look after the bookkeeping at KX Pilates when there was only the one studio in Malvern. Naturally after trying the KX style she was hooked! When there was an opportunity to be trained in the KX Pilates style, she snapped up the opportunity and started instructing at the Fitzroy Pilates studio.
KX Pilates classes Melbourne Sydney - trainer Chris Galea You would think Chris and Jolene were two Pilates instructors that met?.. Nope! They met at the hairdressers – but that’s a whole other story. Would you believe Chris comes from an electrical trade of 12 years? Loving all things health and fitness, he too was introduced to KX Pilates and has made an amazing leap of faith career change choice. Because Chris is passionate about doing what he loves, he decided to do an intensive training program that gave him the knowledge and experience he needed to become a KX Pilates instructor and was hired by the Kew Pilates studio.

Both Jolene and Chris set a goal to open a KX Pilates studio together and saw an opportunity to open a studio in Sydney! Why Balmain you ask? Well… they wanted to go somewhere that they believed complimented their personalities among other things, and Balmain fit the part. The space they discovered was perfect for a Pilates studio and the community was so warm and welcoming. So, when things fell into place organically, it felt right to open up a Pilates studio in Balmain. That’s not to say it was an easy task! There has definitely been some hurdles encountered along the way, but, the whole process has been an amazing challenge and learning experience.

You can feel that both Jolene and Chris have put their time, heart and soul into this studio space and are so excited to get to know more of the Balmain community, as they get ready to open their doors on Saturday the 28th March.

Welcome to the team – we can’t wait to see you open your doors and share KX Pilates with Balmain on Saturday 28th March 2015!