What female doesn’t love a pair of beautiful stilettos? They make us feel tall, lean, feminine, sexy, confident, they give us an excuse to buy a new matching handbag or new outfit!

So why is it that all the things we love are deemed bad for us? A life without chocolate, wine, late nights, pasta and stilettos would be so dull!

Wearing stilettos on a regular basis can seriously alter our posture and cause many muscular imbalances across the body. Short, weak, tight calves, shortened achilles and long periods of pressure through the forefoot can lead to knee pain, ankle pain, stress fractures in the foot and Achilles tendonitis.

But it doesn’t stop there…. The unnatural position that stilettos force us to hold ourselves in also increases lordotic curvature in the lower back (anterior pelvic tilt causing compression to lumbar vertebrae and sacrum), weak gluteal resulting in an unstable pelvis, and over stretched lower abdominals, all resulting in lower back pain and rounded shoulders. Boo hiss! Thank god for Pilates, and more specifically KX Pilates, something we can all be addicted to and its good for us! Yay! It helps to counter balance many of life’s indulgences, wearing stilettos being one of them.

Our KX warm up is designed to stretch and strengthen calves, all whilst lying on the carriage which helps to support our bodies in its neutral position and take the pressure off the lumbar spine (lower back). All that skating and squatting that you all love doing, stretches the calves and achilles as well as strengthens your gluteals and hips. The wonderful spine sequence and shoulder stands help lengthen the long stabilizer muscles of the spine, which works to prevent an excessive lordoctic curvature in your lower back. And all those planks, wheel- barrows and pikes work to strengthen our deep core abdominal muscles, supporting your back and pelvis in place. So believe me when I say, that all that hard work and sweat really is worth it if it! Amie