Great foot health is about more than just taking good care of your feet.

Holistic Foot Clinic Founder and Head Podiatrist, Dr. Chantel Zappone B.Pod. M.APod.A practices a “whole body” approach to foot and ankle health, which involves the assessment of a patient’s body, lifestyle and activities to formulate a care plan to your feet.

This approach helps the team at Holistic Foot Clinic to not only treat your presenting symptoms, but also address any underlying issues that may be contributing to poor foot health.

We treat a variety of complaints including;

– Nail and skin concerns (corns, callus, warts, fungal infections)

– Ingrown toenails

– Sports Podiatry (musculoskeletal injury prevention, management and rehabilitation)

– Orthotics (Prefabricated and Prescription devices) using the most up to date technology; taking 3D scans of your foot, full biomechanical assessment and gait analysis.

– Paediatric Podiatry (assessment and management of flat feet and abnormal walking patterns and paediatric warts)

– And so much more…