KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice specialise in providing Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses (direct message for further info) There is over 8kg of raw, unadulterated vegetables in every KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse.

KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice is based in Melbourne, Australia and was established by three passionate young men. The team at KARMIC Cold Pressed have been cold pressed juicing for years – we started sharing our passion for cold pressed juice with our families and closest friends. Through much encouragement from others, KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice. was formed so that we can now share our beautiful cold pressed juice with the wider community.

The mission of KARMIC Cold Pressed is to provide the best quality, 100% cold pressed juice, possible. We uphold the integrity of all raw ingredients as close to their natural state, ensuring KARMIC Cold Pressed Juice is teaming with vitamins, ‘living’ enzymes, minerals and nutrients.