At Yoga Glow we focus on health, wellness and natural living.

Our Wellness products are inspired by Ayurveda – the Science of Life, its principles are based upon a preventive approach to health and wellness.  Nature has provided us with lots of powerful goodness, we at Yoga Glow have made it our goal to share this knowledge of ancient healing to enrich our bodies and to change the attitude from curing disease to preventing disease and live with optimum health and radiance.

Our commitment to use the best quality natural ingredients to bring you the goodness of nature that you will love, made with positive intentions and consideration for the planet. Our products are handmade in Melbourne with imported and local ingredients.

All our products are All natural, Cruelty free & handmade in Melbourne.

  • Detox mask
  • Detox Soak & scrub especially formulated for fitness lovers
  • Turmelixir Healing blend-TURMELIXIR is a healing blend of Turmeric and spices for wellness & optimum health. This smooth elixir is the perfect way to get your daily antioxidant fix for longevity and vitality. It helps detox, improve gut helath, clear skin, reduce inflammation, enhance energy, immunity, and boost metabolism with a great taste! GLUTEN FREE SUGARFREE DAIRY FREE CAFFEINE FREE