Hi everybody, and welcome to the first installment of my KX Pilates blog!

My name is Peter Smith, I’m a 26 year old professional cyclist, and here to give you a little insight into how KX plays a huge part in my life, both on & off the bike.

I first stumbled upon KX Pilates a few years ago when Aaron was just opening up his first studio in Malvern. I was looking for some cross training to increase core strength & stability, and a good workout when I didn’t have a bike session to do. After my first KX session I knew I was in the right place!

Despite being primarily based in France for the last 3 years, thus only being able to spend the summer months in Melbourne, it was clear the strong foundation I could build in the studio during the off-season period resulted in huge gains when it came to stepping into specific training and the racing season that followed. It’s been preached far and wide, but it’s absolutely true that a strong core has to be the place to start!

Happily, I’ve been given the opportunity to be based at home in Melbourne once again by the Satalyst-Giant Racing Team for whom I’ll compete in Australia’s National Road Series, in addition to an array of races throughout Asia.

The most ideal aspect of this being I can now consistently include KX Pilates into my training regime year-round. Whether it be an early-bird special to wake up the body & refresh before a ride, or an evening workout to stretch & reset after a hard day, I’m always walking out of the studio with a deep sense of satisfaction. With 2 weekly sessions on the agenda I can already see (and more importantly feel!) the consistent increase in strength and the benefit it’s having.

So there’s just a little intro, the racing season is well underway and it’s been a good start. But I’ll touch on that next time the keyboard chimes.

Port Melbourne is my regular studio, so if you see me, please feel free to say hi.

And thanks for reading 🙂