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KX Pilates is a combination of traditional Pilates with the strengthening and toning aspects of circuit training. Our dynamic, fast paced, high performance classes are performed on a spring resistance apparatus called a Reformer Bed, specifically customised for KX Pilates and our dynamic style of training.

Well, you’d be surprised! Fitness freaks through to professional athletes are turning to KX Pilates to compliment their sport specific training. KX Pilates can make you more resistant to injury, correct weaknesses and enhance core strength and postural alignment.

Yes you have to be over the age of 16 years old to attend a KX Pilates class. Our dynamic classes are not suitable for young growing bodies.

Yes we have gift vouchers available to purchase from your local studio or via our website (Online Store > Gift Cards).

It will depend on your injury and your road to recovery. You may need to get a medical certificate from your GP/Physio before you can attend, or start with a private class to assess if classes will be appropriate in the future. It’s best to speak to one of our Trainers before participating in a class to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk of further damage.

Yes, we offer both 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 Private Classes. If you would like Private Classes with training tailored to your specific needs, please contact your local studio.

No you cannot. You are unable to bring your baby or young children to the studio as we do not provide child care services. Please organise a babysitter to look after your baby off the premises. Alternatively you can attend our Pilates Mums & Bubs (child up to crawling age and must be in a capsule) classes.