Ready to Turn Your Fitness Passion into a Business Opportunity?

Landing on this page today could be the turning point in your professional life. Why? Because we’re looking for people like you to help us expand our established and thriving Pilates group around Australia and the world.

Founded on the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of small but continuous change, KX Pilates is a rising fitness brand and community. We seek to empower our clients and franchisees to unlock their potential and reach their goals.

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Pilates Studio Franchising Australia

Pilates has exploded in popularity over the past decade and that growth goes to remain at a significant level today. Appealing to all ages and fitness levels, aiding injury, improving strength, increasing muscle tone and sharpening agility and mobility, it is an form of exercise with one of the widest appeals.

Demand for classes is intense – moms, dads and older persons like to partake in a Pilates class during the day while the kids are at school or day care, early risers want to get in a class before work while many others love nothing better than to begin their evening unwind through Pilates. However, supply continues to mail the meet this bustling demand.

If you have qualified as a Pilates trainer, the opportunity to pursue a full time career teaching classes and work as your own boss, even training and employing other Pilates teacher, is just waiting to be seized. If you have ever seen a Pilates studio for sale and dreamed, even just for a moment, of the possibilities, we have the ideal opportunity for you. Take that next step and own your own Pilates studio franchise.

A different approach to fitness

KX studios are held in high regard right across Australia. From our very founding in 2010, we have vowed to make a real difference in the fitness industry and most importantly, a difference in people’s lives.

Our philosophy is to focus on small, on-going improvements, teaching those who attend our classes to use Pilates to reach their personal goals, helping them to define themselves both physically and mentally.

That philosophy has expanded into a movement and subsequently, the best pilates franchise in Australia, with more than 30 KX studios and counting across the country.

We want you!

Few Pilates franchise can offer the respected brand, proven philosophy and methodology and track record of success as KX Pilates studios. That’s why we operate an intensive training program for all new KX Pilates franchise owners.

Even before you start training as a franchisee, we ensure that you can develop a strong understanding of the standard of client experience we expect to be delivered at our studios.

The KX Pilates Training Program is a 12 week program that will familiarise you with all aspects of the business, along with our KX Academy Trainers program which is fully accredited with Fitness Australia.

We will help prepare you to deliver the highest quality Pilates classes around. The KX brand will ensure that you can immediately start classes with high numbers, while the high standard of training we deliver ensures you are equipped to continue to build on that reputation.

KX Pilates Franchising is one the best pilate franchise in Australia offers fitness franchise for sale, pilates franchise, gym franchise & fitness franchise for sale in Sydney. You are interested in KX Pilates franchising, call our team today on +61 3 9510 8941 to discuss our opportunities and learn how you can become a key part of our growing movement.

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Over 60 Studios In Almost 10 Years. Be Part of The Next Phase of Our Franchise Growth.

Our Founder, Aaron Smith, started KX Pilates in 2010. From a single independent studio in Malvern, Victoria, today the KX Pilates group operates in five states. That’s because our philosophy, our Trainers, our marketing and our business model are all infectiously positive.

Right now, we’re looking for new Business Owners to join us in growing the KX family. We welcome people who are motivated to own and run a Pilates studio, that enables their employees and clients to pursue their dreams in a progressive and supportive community environment.

Fitness and Gym Franchise for Sale

When you book a free franchise consultation through this page today, you’ll see exactly how that translates to an exciting and liberating career change.

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Join Our Family of Positive, Like-Minded Health and Fitness Professionals.

Key to our business is Aaron’s belief that if you don’t ENJOY what you do for a living, then it doesn’t really matter how much money you make. That’s why we place as much emphasis on enjoyment as we do on business success.

To us, those things go hand-in-hand. That’s why KX Pilates is a market leader in the competitive Australian fitness scene, paving the way for boutique fitness studios.

We give you systematised procedures and a business operating system to help you achieve your goals. But more importantly, you’ll join a strong and growing family of Business Owners and Trainers who love what they do and thrive by helping each other succeed!

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When you book a free franchise consultation with us, we walk you through every step of the process. You’ll speak to our Recruiting Manager, who’ll explain what’s involved in setting up and running your own KX Pilates studio. We’ll also send you a comprehensive Information Pack. This details everything you need to know, including:

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Full support every step of the way.

Business planning, national and state marketing, site selection, lease negotiations, branding, design, training and support, plus trainer recruitment. All so you can bypass everything you’d have to do yourself if you started a business from scratch with our proven startup support.

Return on investment on average is 2-3 years.

Our Recruitment Manager will walk you through the investment costs ($280,000 – $350,000) and structure. You’ll discover how our business owners create asset value whilst living life to the fullest.


KX Pilates has made a positive impact in the lives of over 40,000 people and counting.  We exist to empower people in reaching their personal goals and realising their full potential. We are committed to making a difference in peoples lives. Clients are always put first, Trainers love what they do and every one is treated uniquely. Sound like you? Reach out to us today.




Aaron founded KX Pilates in 2010 after discovering Dynamic Pilates whilst living in the UK. His passion and entrepreneurial flair has helped him drive the business to where it is today.


Head of Operations & Recruitment

Paul is a highly driven and focused operations and business development leader, offering a high-level of support to the franchise network. His expertise is in the initiation of franchises to deliver consistent operational and procedural structures, and unified branding.


Head of Marketing

A geek at heart, Andi is extremely IT proficient and has an eye for detail. With her extensive experience in marketing, events management and CRM, she has designed, developed and delivered many large scale marketing initiatives.


National Training Manager

Amie loves to inspire and be inspired. She has spent her career focusing on the Fitness industry, specialising in Reformer Pilates, teacher training, team mentoring / coaching and hosting Fitness Retreats and events.


Financial Accountant

Rav’s process-driven nature and need for everything to be streamlined, makes for an extremely efficient workplace. He has vast financial experience, working specifically for franchise networks, thus has a strong understanding of what is required to drive success within KX.

Selina Bridge


A lover of all things fitness from way back, Selina recently joined KX as CEO. She brings a breadth of knowledge and is excited to bring innovation, new energy & support to the growing KX network as well as to work with like minded fitness enthusiasts and business owners to enhance the health & wellbeing of our society.


- James, Studio Owner

“Being part of KX has created access to avenues that allow me to fulfil all of my personal and business goals with a balance between work and play.”

- Christine, Studio Owner

“What attracted me to the business model was the KX Pilates team as a whole, they are so united and you never feel alone.”

- Eli, Studio Owner

“KX has enabled me to have the lifestyle I want to have while working. You could be doing whatever you want to do in your personal life while having your own business.”

Speak With Us Today About KX Fitness Franchie Opportunity in Australia.

If you’re in a job that no longer resonates with you and you’re keen to start something fresh and exciting – we want to speak with you now! We’ll educate you on what’s involved in owning a business and cultivating a fitness industry on your own terms.

Being part of the KX Pilates family requires an entrepreneurial mindset, a drive to positively help people improve their lives and the belief that your work and your passion can, and should, co-exist in an empowering, positive way. You obviously possess all of these to have found this website today. So, fill in your details below, hit the booking link and we’ll be in touch shortly to talk next steps!

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