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Landing on this page today could be the turning point in your professional life. Why? Because we’re looking for people like you to help us expand our established and thriving Pilates group around Australia.

Founded on the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy of small but continuous change, KX Pilates is a rising fitness brand and community. We seek to empower our clients and franchisees to unlock their potential and reach their goals.

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Pilates Franchising Sydney

Pilates isn’t just a passing fitness trend or fad. It has firmly solidified itself as the most in-demand exercise class in Australia over the last decade, and that popularity continues to soar.

Men and women of all ages and all fitness levels are queuing up to get in a morning session to kick start their metabolism, attending weekly sessions to improve injury and sport performance and using an evening class to unwind and relax.

Few exercise classes have such an overwhelmingly universal appeal so it is perhaps no surprise that supply of quality Pilates classes and studios is simply not meeting demand.

Fastest Growing Pilates Studio for Sale Sydney

At KX Pilates, we are firmly set on resolving that issue. Through our Pilates franchise opportunities, we have built a network of more than 30 KX studios across Australia, each delivering a superior standard of classes to thousands of students every week.

We realise the impact that Pilates can have on a person’s health and well-being and have harnessed a philosophy whereby we utilise Pilates to empower clients to achieve specific personal goals. We are creating a movement – but we need your help!

Join the best Pilates franchise network

If you have qualified as a Pilates instructor and have ever considered using your qualification to forge a full time career, where your days are filled with empowering better health and well-being for clients, we have the ideal opportunity for you.

KX offer the best Pilates franchise Sydney wide, enabling you to attract a large clientele through our well-known, well-regarded brand, superior training and stellar franchise success record.

A key reason behind the stellar reputation of KX Pilates franchising Sydney wide is our rigorous training program. All new franchisees are required to undergo a 12 week training program, to equip them to deliver the superior client experience that KX studios are renowned for delivering.

The KX Pilates Training Program will familiarise you with all aspects of the business, along with our KX Academy Trainers program which is fully accredited with Fitness Australia.

Make your Pilates Franchise dream a reality

If owning and running a Pilates studio is your dream, we can make that dream a reality, and a successful one at that. As a KX studio Pilates franchise owner, you become an integral part of our team.

We are here to support you every step of the way, from initial training to ongoing personal development and administrative support, providing the expert advice and assistance required to make your Pilates studio franchise a profitable success.

KX Pilates Franchising is one the best pilate franchise in Australia offers fitness franchise for sale, gym franchise & fitness franchise for sale in Sydney.For more information on becoming a KX Pilates studio franchisee, please feel free to call our team today on +61 3 9510 8941. We would be happy to discuss the specific requirements and investment as well as a thorough insight into the franchise package on offer.

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42 Studios in Seven Years. Be Part of The Next Phase of Our Growth.

Our CEO and Founder, Aaron Smith, started KX Pilates in 2010. From a single independent studio in Malvern, Victoria, today the KX Pilates group operates in five states. That’s because our philosophy, our trainers, our marketing and our business model are all infectiously positive.

Right now, we’re looking for new business owners to join us in growing the KX family. We welcome people who are motivated to own and run a Pilates studio, that enables their employees and clients to pursue their dreams in a progressive and supportive community environment.

When you book a free franchise consultation through this page today, you’ll see exactly how that translates to an exciting and liberating career change.

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What Can You Expect As a KX Pilates Franchisee?

When you book a free franchise consultation with us, we walk you through every step of the process. You’ll speak to our Recruiting Manager, who’ll explain what’s involved in setting up and running your own KX Pilates studio. We’ll also send you a comprehensive Information Pack. This details everything you need to know, including:

Full support every step of the way.

Business planning, national and state marketing, site selection, lease negotiations, branding, design, training and support, plus trainer recruitment. All so you can bypass everything you’d have to do yourself if you started a business from scratch with our proven startup support.

Return on investment on average is 2-3 years.

Our Recruitment Manager will walk you through the investment costs ($150,000 – $300,000) and structure. You’ll discover how our business owners create asset value whilst living life to the fullest.

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KX Pilates has made a positive impact in the lives of over 40,000 people and counting.  We exist to empower people in reaching their personal goals and realising their full potential. We are committed to making a difference in peoples lives. Clients are always put first, trainers love what they do and every one is treated uniquely. Sound like you? Reach out to us today.

Join Our Family of Positive, Like-Minded Health and Fitness Professionals.

Key to our business is Aaron’s belief that if you don’t ENJOY what you do for a living, then it doesn’t really matter how much money you make. That’s why we place as much emphasis on enjoyment as we do on business success.

To us, those things go hand-in-hand. That’s why KX Pilates is a market leader in the competitive Australian fitness scene, paving the way for boutique fitness studios.

We give you systematised procedures and a business operating system to help you achieve your goals. But more importantly, you’ll join a strong and growing family of business owners and trainers who love what they do and thrive by helping each other succeed!



CEO and Founder

Aaron founded KX Pilates in 2010 after discovering Dynamic Pilates whilst living in the UK. His passion and entrepreneurial flair has helped him drive the business to where it is today.


Recruiting Manager

Ian is the primary driver of franchisee recruitment and works tirelessly to find the best people and locations for future KX studios.


National Operations Manager

Paul is highly driven and focused operations and business development leader with expertise in the initiation of franchises to deliver consistent operational and procedural structures, unified branding and high-level support.


Head of Marketing

proficient and has an eye for detail. With her extensive experience in marketing, events management and CRM, she has designed, developed and delivered many large scale marketing initiatives.


National Training Manager

Amie loves to inspire and be inspired. She has spent her career focusing on the Fitness industry, specialising in reformer pilates, teacher training, team mentoring / coaching and hosting Fitness Retreats and Events.


Financial Accountant

Rav’s process-driven nature and need for everything to be streamlined, makes for an extremely efficient workplace. He has vast financial experience, working specifically for franchise networks, thus has a strong understanding of what is required to drive success within KX.


“Being part of KX has created access to avenues that allow me to fulfil all of my personal and business goals with a balance between work and play.”

- James, Studio Owner

“What attracted me to the business model was the KX Pilates team as a whole, they are so united and you never feel alone.”

- Christine, Studio Owner

“KX has enabled me to have the lifestyle I want to have while working. You could be doing whatever you want to do in your personal life while having your own business.”

- Eli, Studio Owner

Speak With Us Today About Becoming a KX Franchisee.

If you’re in a job that no longer resonates with you and you’re keen to start something fresh and exciting – we want to speak with you now! We’ll educate you on what’s involved in owning a business and cultivating a fitness industry on your own terms.

Being part of the KX Pilates family requires an entrepreneurial mindset, a drive to positively help people improve their lives and the belief that your work and your passion can, and should, co-exist in an empowering, positive way. You obviously possess all of these to have found this website today. So, fill in your details below, hit the booking link and we’ll be in touch shortly to talk next steps!