Winter is normally a time for hibernation, well for me it is anyway.

I make the most ridiculous excuses for either; a) Not going to that Pilates Class, b) Not going for that run

c) Not leaving the house. I’ve actually convinced myself that those maccas chips are exactly what my body needs this time of year because it’s so cold, right!? ……Wrong! I’m in my little comfort zone, I guess I’m not a winter person.


In winter I don’t like change, I’d rather stay indoors watch endless amounts of mindless TV (which I love by the way) and tend to not commit to anything that requires movement off the couch. It’s like I love distraction because it gives me an excuse to not do what I really need to do like get moving, exercising, cooking healthy meals, socializing, and the things I do so well in the summertime.


So, I decided to make that change and leave the cold behind (yes maybe I’m cheating) and decided to escape to the hot hot summer heat, hold onto your hats people……I headed to India, (maybe a slightly extreme way to get out of my comfort zone) but nevertheless I left for three weeks.

I went alone, and I’m not going to lie it freaked me out I actually felt sick about it! The thought of going from the known to the unknown was scary. It’s not all bad though, I met up with an organization over there so I wasn’t a complete Nigel no friends, at least for half the trip anyway.

So I decided to embrace change and get out of my comfort zone, I kept an open mind and accepted whatever challenges I faced… (Which were a few) and met some interesting new people along the way.

I guess hibernation isn’t a bad thing, but I know that challenging yourself setting goals and embracing change (what ever that may be) does wonders for the spirit; it gives you confidence and opens the mind, which can lead to amazing possibilities.

Basically to sum it up;

  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Book that Pilates class
  • Set goals
  • Get moving
  • Go for that run
  • Eat clean
  • Find a friend to help keep you motivated
  • Book that holiday
  • Follow your passion
  • Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it!


“If we don’t change we don’t grow, if we don’t grow we aren’t really living”


Namaste friends, see you in class.

– Stacie X