I still remember my first Pilates class. I was 17 and I took a mat class at my localfitness center. I wasn’t really sure what Pilates was, or what to expect but I knew it would help strengthen my core. There was probably about 30 people in the room, we all grabbed a mat and waited for our instructor. When she arrived she looked a picture of health, strong and lean. She told us she had previously been a Cirque Du Soleil performer and continued to perform now for other companies. She took a spot up on a platform front and center in the room so we could all watch her.

As we started getting into the exercises, I remember thinking oh my goodness is my lower back supposed to be hurting this much! But as I didn’t really understand what each exercise was supposed to be targeting I continued on thinking that this pain was all in the process of building stamina.

Hands on for good healthLooking back with newfound knowledge of anatomy and Pilates exercises, I now know I was doing everything completely wrong! But as there was no individual attention or guidance during the class, I wasn’t aware that I needed correction.

Lucky for me a good friend of mine Dave Pitcher (a physiotherapist working closely with the KX Run team), recommended KX Pilates classes.

The first thing I noticed about the class was the hands on approach, those little corrections instructors applied to ensure my technique was correct. I then noticed how many cues were given in each exercise. ‘Chin off your chest’, ‘neutral spine’, ‘shoulders away from ears’. All these little tips that gave me the information I needed to ensure good form. I knew from then on I had found a passion that would last a lifetime.

As an instructor, I often feel like I spend most of the class talking. Sometimes I feel bad thinking to myself ‘these poor clients can’t even hear the music, I’m talking so much!’. But then I remember the importance of what I’m saying. In my Pilates journey, although doing nearly 6 years of mat classes, it was only after being given advice and correction at KX, that my strength and stability really started to soar.

I love feeling that I can push my limits, knowing that I’m doing so in a completely safe and guided way, and I love watching myself improve with each class. Don’t get me wrong, I think mat classes are fantastic, and I still practice mat Pilates from time to time, but it doesn’t quite satisfy that extra intensity I crave from KX.

I’m often recommending KX classes and people say to me ‘of course you recommend their classes, you’re a trainer there’ But that’s not why I recommend KX. I recommend KX because I know that it can bring the total body strength, stability and stamina that I have developed as a result of this unique method.

I recommend KX because I know that had I never tried a class, I would have never found what makes me so excited about each day, what gets me up in the morning and what I dream about every night.

Dani Thomas

KX Pilates & Barre Instructor.

Photo via: The Nutrition Bar