I’ve always been into sports and fitness, the older I get the more I realise the importance of it, to have a strong healthy physique promotes longevity.

For me I believe everything in moderation. Although in saying that I do like to be more than moderate with the amount of refined sugar I consume. I really try not to have refined sugar where possible.

Health for me begins with my food. It’s a lifestyle.

My diet comes first, food really does affect my thoughts. I like to eat mindfully and show a dedication to my body so that even when having a down day, I can be happy in myself that the fuel I’ve loaded myself with is beneficial to my health, that gives me reason to ease up on myself slightly, but that ‘slightly’ is actually huge in the bigger picture. Knowing I’ve always given myself the head start with nutrition makes it easier to sway the negative thoughts that creep in..and they do from time to time because I’m human and I’m woman and I have hormonal changes occurring frequently.

This year I bought a NUTRIBULLET!! I’ve always been a juicer, but the Nutri bullet maintains all nutrients and much simpler to clean than a juicer which makes it faster & the more appealing out of the two!

And I love that it’s a simple and easy meal replacement especially when adding the superfoods to the mix. I like to eat whole food, I also like to eat organic. I love that because it’s a way of life the temptation for junk or fast food is quickly diminished when I’m able to reflect on the ‘blurgh’ feeling I get from it (hence my dislike for sugar) leaving me with the no brainer as to what to eat, how I’ll feel after eating my delicious home cooked meal will always win over junk. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy eating out, but makes me feel ok about having those little indulgences every now and then. If my diets more wholesome than naughty that works for me.

Then comes my exercise. Winter is a really yuck time of year for me, particularly by August when I’m feeling pale and longing for kisses from the sun. Thankfully KX and yoga are indoors, but getting out for a good walk is so refreshing. Walking allows the breeze to blow away the congestive thoughts, breathing fresh air and having time to appreciate the thing I often take for granted, nature. It blows debris away creating space in my mind for inspiration. I love returning from a walk with a cold face and blushed cheeks. I feel refreshed and revived, it’s a great feeling!

Yoga has been a part of my life for many years, I will always be a devotee of yoga because of the feelings of calm and well being it creates. It works it’s magic on the endocrine system. The poses we do in yoga work to massage glands that release hormones keeping me feeling mentally and physically balanced and alive!! It gives me 1 1?2 hours of quiet time, leaving daily mundane thoughts at the door, it gives me a break from the noise inside my head that can sometimes be quite loud. It makes me smile from the inside. I love the stretching and elongation aspect too. This is why a blend of resistance KX training and yoga is
perfect. I find if I do too much pilates and not enough yoga over a short amount of time, my body really lets me know.

And then complimenting all of that I like to flush everything with at least 2 litres of water a day.

I’m grateful i’m aware of how I tick and what works best for me. I see a lot of people that settle for physical and mental pain as being part of life, but I believe these outlets/mindsets/lifestyles alleviate a lot of physical and mental pain, I truly believe it doesn’t have to be a case of settling.

Carla Bonner