There is nothing more exciting than finding out you are expecting. For some this may come as a total surprise, for others, a carefully organised plan.
As a very young girl, sport was something that was apart of my upbringing. My father was the driving force behind making sure I trained, rain, hail or shine. I thank him for whom I am today, fit, strong and healthy.
There’s no doubt that being an active teenager and adult helped me return to my pre baby weight in very little time, but also developing healthy eating habits was the biggest contributing factor to a return to a healthy weight once my boys were born.
The female body is so amazing, to watch your body change week after week, month after month is still mind boggling to me. I have never seen so little skin stretch so much as what mine did, but yet, it seems to return to its original state. Ok maybe not like I was at 21, but I really shouldn’t complain!
Basically I think it’s really important to try and get into your best possible shape when considering starting a family. The less extra kilos you carry pre pregnancy the less you’ll have to takeoff.