A Blog. I was always against it, until I realised that I can speak in my own words and voice my opinion on a weekly basis. So welcome! Here on our new KX blog we’ll be posting twice a week. Our first post being on Monday to start your week, and again on a Thursday to lead you into the weekend.

On a Monday (unless it is the Monday after the spring racing carnival *cough* *cough*) I, Aaron  Smith, will be writing a post. My posts will consist of anything to do with something where I’ll chat about something to do with everything. Some may make you laugh whilst I doubt any will make you cry. Whilst some will rhyme just to pass the time by…

Thursday’s post will not be from me but from a guest KX trainer; talking fitness tips, diet tricks or the size of our KX trainer’s.. SHIFTS! (Chris has long ones on weekends, whilst Duncan’s are quite short on weeknights). We also welcome comments and questions after each post, so please don’t be shy! So from your ‘pilates studio with a difference,’ we hope you enjoy…

From one challenge to the next; as the 12-week challenge comes to an end, the 30-day challenge begins!

It was such an amazing effort to see 32 individuals sign up for this year’s 12-week challenge and battle each week out. Changing diet, mindset, lifestyle, bad habits and teaching their bodies to train consistently and eat cleanly. While Louise our dietitian did a fantastic job with diet overhaul and meal ideas, I was there to make beneficial suggestions and put foot to ass when it was needed! Everyone did an amazing job to complete what is a long 12 weeks with 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing’s achieving some pretty amazing results (click on thumbnails below to enlarge).

A HUGE congratulations to our winner Priscilla.  Priscilla (who trains out of Richmond) lost a total of 9kgs and 55.5cms from around her body, which included a decrease in body fat by an amazing 3.7%. Her determination throughout the challenge was evident, and her ‘just shut up and train’ attitude is what I believe got her the results she did; reaching all goals that she set out from the start. You will be seeing MUCH more of Priscilla as not only has she taken on the 30-day challenge, but by winning the 12 week challenge she also won 6 months UNLIMITED training in all KX Pilates studios. Nice!

“The challenge forced me to really recognise the poor habits and make a decision about whether I was going to do something about them, or accept them and the life associated with them. The KX team provided a positive, encouraging environment to help me break old, bad habits and embrace a new sustainable healthy lifestyle.” – Priscilla.


A very close call for second place came to Port Melbourne studio queen Jill.  Jill worked her butt off, literally! Not only did she do an impressive 54 classes over the course of the 12 weeks (min. 24 classes was needed) but she also ran a 10km Albert Park fun run in a goal breaking 58mins. Jill lost 6kgs and 47.5cms off of her body and decreased her body fat by 2.2%

“I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I have been successful in achieving 3 out of 4 goals, with only 3.5kg to go to obtain my fourth goal. I am going to continue with the challenge, as my personal challenge is unfinished. I feel on top of the world with the change in my body shape and feeling a lot more toned. I can now wear more fitted clothes with confidence!” – Jill 


I have absolutely no doubt that Jill will smash her last goal to make it 4 from 4, especially with a little help from the 30-day challenge she is also just started! Keep an eye out for Jill in Port Melbourne in the wee hours of the morning. An absolute powerhouse!

Katie who took out 3rd place also did an amazing job. Katie started with good weight/measurements but was looking to pick up the pace and condition her body further. As you can see from the before and after shots, she is now rocking out an amazing body! Losing 4.1kgs, 2.7% body fat and a total 36.6cm off her body, Katie completely toned up. She kicked her social weekend smoking habit and completed an impressive 37 classes throughout the 12 weeks. Starting nice and early, she is now 23 days into her 30-day challenge and is still yet to have a break!

“Throughout the challenge I found that I actually missed pilates when I had a day off, so this increased interest motivated me to make more time for classes. My physical results are better than I could have hoped for and I honestly feel like my body has never looked or felt better!”


Well done Katie and as I know everybody is thinking it, so I am going to go right ahead and say it. What a ‘cheeky’ photo! (Also, for those who may be alarmed, Katie does in fact have a face but she was too interested in reading about the 30-day challenge on the studio wall to turn around for the camera!)

Congratulations to all 12 week challengers. A very impressive 12 weeks and a very enjoyable one, especially from my end.

Train hard, eat clean and I’ll see you in the studio.

 – Aaron