Jean Hailes is a not-for-profit organisation; dedicated to getting the correct information out to women about their health, as they travel through this wonderful thing called life. They say knowledge is power, and when it comes to women’s health, or anyone’s health for that matter, to know and understand the situations that you will face in life will aid in making more intelligent and informed decisions, and suppress the fear that usually comes with the unknown. This was the late Dr. Jean Hailes vision, to improve women’s lives and give them the best practical evidence based advise she could.

When I look into my own life, I find myself surrounded by women. An amazing mother, 2 great sisters and caring girlfriend.
In my business world I basically leave the day to day runnings of KX to three fantastic girls, have superstar female trainers not to mention the 90% female cliental that come into the studios on a daily basis. So when Jean Hailes asked me to be an Ambassador and KX to be a supporter for their Women’s health week, I could not think of better synergy for two companies to have. You may have even seen or picked up some of the fact sheets at reception.

Jean Hailes Women’s Health week is 2nd – 6th of September. Some of our team from KX will be heading down to federation square to help get the message out there.  For more information or to register head to the website.

We hope to see you down there on Monday 2nd to help spread the word!