My journey that found me signing up for the 12 week challenge, is one of reflection, self awareness, commitment and satisfaction.  The kind that comes from a life filled with love, sorrow and the heartache of losing a child.  A journey that led me to KX Pilates at Glen Waverley.  I have always been a sporty, healthy person even after having my 3 awesome boys, this was through marathon running, weight training that led me to become curious of the competitive world of body building.

After years of commitment to training, diet and competitions, I lost my way not only in the health and fitness area, but within my marriage as well.  This led to a break up and a renewed prioritisation of what was important in life.   My health and nutrition seemed to fade into the background as I struggled without a husband and managing my teenage boys.  This all resulted in a change in direction as I started life on my own…….not something I wanted to do at 45!  Life again threw another curve ball with a mutual friend of mine and my husbands losing his battle with cancer in a short space of time.  Again I reflected on what was important and reconnected with my husband and began a healing process.  We are now back together and enjoying life as a family.

As my life settled back to normality the itch to again regain my health well being and confidence began to niggle within my psyche.  Thus began the how, what, where, when process!!!  Pilates crossed my mind as I had heard such positive things about it.

KX 12 Week Challenge Winner - ReflectionIn a sliding doors type moment I heard a KX Pilates advertisement on the radio.  As soon as I could I googled KX and found the Glen Waverley studio.  After a informative conversation with Ange I took the plunge and signed up for the introductory sessions.  Walking in for the first time was daunting and the reformers looked like a torture contraption!  The staff were patient and showed me the fundamentals and I was away.  The 5 sessions became 10 became 20 but I was still struggling with motivation and the nutritional aspects of daily life…..bad habits were proving hard to break!  While at a class I looked at the poster for the 12 week challenge and thought I am doing that……it’s time to take control.  Together with the nutritional guidance and being accountable I knew I would get back on track and redefine my goals.

So I took the plunge and spoke with Allie ( who has been inspirational) and set some short, medium and long term goals.  I also reconnected with my old trainer and discussed some weight training sessions, and took up running with a girlfriend.  My aim 3 Pilates, 3 runs and 2 weight sessions.  I placed them in my diary worked them into my work/ family schedule and lined up at the first weigh and measure.  I was mindful not to focus too much on weight loss rather strive to achieve a pattern that could be sustained and built on long after the challenge had finished.  I had a session with Jess the dietician and she sent through some great tips and recipes.  The fitness app was a great help with great recipes that were quick and easy.  My husband who loves to cook incorporated them into the family meals and I realised I did not have to starve myself to achieve my weight loss goals.  Organisation and planning are my strengths so I knew I just had to do it!  I had to take control and find the old happier more confident me!!!

And so it began at first I thought OMG! 12 weeks but the guidance and support from the team at KX especially Allie, Ange and Chris my body, mind, attitude and confidence began to change.  My other training sessions became easier and my core strength, flexibility improved with each week.  I Actually looked forward to the weigh in sessions with Chris as he was always supportive and able to offer guidance and assistance if I needed it.  The extra sessions with Allie were awesome and I was able to be further inspired by the other ladies stories who were participating.

The 12 weeks flew by and I learnt to once again appreciate the things my body could do when I listened to it and nurtured it, even at the age of 48.  I have decided to continue with all the training and nutritional guidelines I have destabilised and compete in the ANB natural body building competition in May 2015.  The renewed strength and resolve I have discovered through the challenge will make the next chapter of my health and fitness journey that much easier.

My weight loss was amazing and I am stronger, fitter and more happy and I am able to give that to my family and friends while saving some me time.

To the KX team at Glen Waverley you are awesome you have provided me with skills and confidence to continue the journey and the inspiration to continue when motivation and energy levels are low.  I will keep you updated with my training at my Pilates sessions and forever be grateful to finding the world of Pilates at KX GW. Ange has a friendly, inviting and inclusive place that people of all ages and fitness levels can go to achieve their individual goals and that is priceless .

Thank you again!!!!!!