Recently I completed the 6 Week Challenge.

KX Pilates has been the only gym class where I have been excited to book a class AND still wanted to go when I woke up at 5am!

When I feel tired, I know I can adjust the resistance springs to make it easier for how my body is feeling. If I am feeling strong and full of energy I book into an intermediate class or listen to the trainers advice on choosing harder options for the positions.

That is my favourite part about KX. No matter how you’re feeling, what level of fitness you have, what age you are, what injury you may have. It can work for you.

The best part of the KX challenge for me was setting those 6 weeks to not only get my exercise and eating in a better pattern but to work on other aspects of my health. I’ve had adrenal fatigue and digestion troubles for a few years now, so I decided to work on these too.

I increased my cardio throughout the challenge. Normally I walk everyday but I don’t do much strenuous exercise. So, 3 times a week I ran with my dog, jumped on the cross trainer, jumped on a bike or ran on the sand at the beach. My tiny dog is still fitter than me but I’m working on that!
I study Nutritional Medicine so I do have a good understanding of foods to nourish the body, but it was really helpful getting a meal guideline to follow and learn from. There were great recipes and I cut down my animal protein intake which has been a really nice change and cleanse for my digestion. I’m a huge believer in good protein so I still make sure I’m getting enough intake for my body from other sources.
Next on the challenge I cut down on all the vitamins, minerals and health tablets I was taking. I realised I was spending so much money on these tablets that were probably all synthetic and weren’t making me feeling any better anyway! I stuck to a few natural herbs and decided to work harder on drinking vegetable juices and getting my nutrients from real foods. I saved money from not buying expensive products and getting more from nutritious whole foods instead.
About week 4 I injured my arm, then followed a nasty flu which was hard to shake. It did set me back a little but If I hadn’t been on the challenge, I wouldn’t of stuck to eating as well and I wouldn’t of had the motivation to get back into exercising like I did.
One of the best aspects about this challenge was the support group on Facebook. A private group was created and everyone has been posting questions, recipes and motivational messages. It’s been really inspiring and helps keep you motivated, as you don’t want to be that only one not making any changes!
Lastly the results. I had already seen how a few sessions a week at KX can really change your body.
I now feel more energised, toned and stronger than I have been for years.
Congratulations to everyone who completed the challenge and thank you KX for making my life even better

Maddy King, Model & KX Pilates Ambassador

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