KX launching interstate… Let’s just say it’s been a long time coming. Ever since I opened studio #2 in Port Melbourne in August of 2011 and wrote my 5 year goals down, I knew that KX needed to go national.

Procrastination is a beautiful thing and between you and me, I’m pretty good at it when I want to be. (I think it extends from my university days).  I’d set a date and then when that date came I’d put it off another 6 months, and then another 6 months. Opportunity after opportunity would come up in Melbourne (or I’d at least find a good enough excuse) and again moving to a new city would be put on the back burner. I was comfortable in Melbourne, apartment, car, girlfriend, multiple studios with an amazing team, a great group of friends and my entire family. KX was also starting to create a name for itself as was I personally; getting known in the fitness industry, business circles and young entrepreneur organisations.

Circa Jan 2014. Enough is enough. “Suck it up and just go for it” I told myself. A quick chat later with my partner, Andi (now KX Marketing Manager) and she was in. Not only for the move but for her to also invest in the brand and become Studio Co-owner of the first interstate studio with me. We had set our sights on our next adventure and it seemed Sydney would be our first stop.

Which brings us to today. We have now been in Sydney for the past 6 months, both living and working out of a small one bedroom apartment on the Sydney inner city fringe of Potts Point. We’ve taken it back to basics. Hanging out with a few select friends and focusing on training! Back to being a nobody and hustling each day. Befriending agents and trying to get the best price on the right property in the best location we could find for the studio. I thought it would be easy, it was not. The whole experience daunting, frustrating and challenging, yet more exciting at the same time. To know we have a clean slate (and state) to write on. To grow and develop. To build and succeed.

Of course hard work and patience pays off. We set our sights on the popular fashion and creative hub of Surry Hills and the perfect place became available. Leases were signed, champagne was drank, and the fit out began. And it’s nearly ready.

I’m extremely happy to announce the KX Pilates Sydney flagship studio will open on Monday 15th September. Level 2, 103 Foveaux Street,  Surry Hills Sydney, 2010 NSW. The KX Empire continues to grow…

Studio photos are coming soon – by far our best looking KX studio yet! If you are ever in Sydney please pop in and say hi. KX Melbournites get a free class on me. Visit our Franchising page for more information to open your very own KX Studio in Sydney, or Pilates franchise opportunity.

Train hard, eat clean and I look forward to seeing you in the brand new KX Sydney studio soon!

– Aaron.


Aaron Smith

Aaron is the Founder and CEO of the KX Group; Australia’s leading boutique high performance fitness offering comprising of Pilates, Barre and Yoga studios along with outdoor running groups and overseas fitness retreats. You can read more about Aaron here.