How to stay motivated during KX40

Staying motivated during KX40

Yay, you’ve made it through the first 10 days of your KX40 challenge. We hope you’re feeling motivated, energised, and are loving the challenge so far. At this point, you should have completed approximately 4-6 of your classes. If you’re finding that you’re struggling to fit all your classes in, we recommend spending a little time each weekend to book in the following weeks classes. This will help you feel more committed to getting them done and will help make sure you can complete all 20 (without having to do doubles…or triples… for the last week). We’ve asked three of our KX Master Trainers – Hannah, Dani, and Emma – to share their best tip with you for keeping up the momentum.



Planning is essential when you’re tackling something this big! Have a look at your diary during the challenge period, decide how you want to distribute the classes throughout each week and then book them in. Next, block out the times of those classes in your diary as “important meeting” time because it is just that, an important meeting with yourself to work on your wellbeing. Make these time slots non-negotiable and no matter what pops up last min, you’ll always make it to class.



One of the best ways to stay motivated is to book all of your KX classes in advance. Organisation and planning is definitely one of the most effective ways to ensure you stick to your goals: so make sure you prioritise your KX classes in your calendar, too! Honour your commitments to yourself and make the most of the KX40 challenge – you deserve it!



10 days in and no doubt you’ve completed a few classes already! I suggest you try squeeze in more classes through the first half of the challenge, so you’re not left feeling stressed to cram a bunch of classes in at the end. Also, if you haven’t already, make sure you schedule the remainder of your sessions! Do your best to stick to your schedule by reminding yourself that this is a commitment to you and your health/well-being.


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