Blog_Retreats strir runHaving done a lot of traveling over my life I’m very used to not really planning much and just turning up to places with a backpack full of clothes and a bit of local currency in my pocket. Going on a KX Retreat was always going to be a different experience for me and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Wow! The accommodation was amazing, the exercise was challenging and varied and the food was super healthy and delicious! There was a minimum of two exercise sessions per day with other challenging activities thrown in like learning how to surf and of course the famous stair climb challenge which left me with sore calves for 3 days afterwards!

Blog_Retreats gymMost days started with a cardio session which often included a walk or run. We were regularly treated to a high intensity circuit on our return. Breakfast then followed which included plenty of healthy options including muesli, fresh fruit, coconut milk and of course eggs cooked to order.

Mid morning consisted of either time to relax by the beach and pool time or another activity.

Lunch was usually around 1pm, again plenty of healthy options and a fairly light meal considering we had our main exercise session still to come. We had a variety of healthy options to choose from including some great different vegetarian options too.Blog_Retreats swim

Afternoon sessions were the longer harder ones. Always changing between circuit, high intensity interval, boxing with a blast of yoga or pilates toward the end of our sessions.

Relax time followed where most of us could be found cooling down in the pool before a quick shower then dinner. After such a jam packed day I’m pretty sure most of us were well and truly asleep by 9:30-10.00pm.

I had never been a retreat kind of person before – but I certainly have been converted into one after this. What an amazing experience!

See you all in Bali next year!