So you’re sitting in bed, on your way to uni/work, or getting ready to drop the kids at school – you’ve opened your email to find the latest KX Newsletter with a headline article that KX is seeking interest from clients to join a KX Running Group for the purpose of entering the annual Herald Sun | CityLink Run for the Kids. You think ‘mmm, I’m not much of a runner, but I’ve always wanted to give that a crack…’ you make contact with KX Trainer James who you’ve never met before and know nothing about other than Star Wars and “psychological resilience”, and the next thing you know, you’re being told “we make time to commit to the things that are important to us, we merely find time and excuses for those that are not. So get registered!” Ouch, reality hits, you’re actually going running… but you know what, you’ve surprised yourself, you’re doing it, and you’re KX-ing it’s butt! 
Enter, the KX Run – Run for the Kids journey…
Some 10 weeks ago, I had the privilege to be joined by 10 KX clients keen to attempt something some once thought not possible, had always wanted to do but never had the time, or reach a PB and tick another distance/event off their list towards accomplishing another personal milestone. Though their experience and motivation may have varied, these 10 were all there under their own terms, and dedicated to do what it took to get the job done.
The training schedule provided, commitment obtained, Tuesday nights, the Tan, 6:30pm would be our regular meeting place on our way towards R4TK glory (short for Run for the Kids for those playing at home).
Each week the group were set a new activity designed for a different purpose; building stamina, endurance, speed. Week One arrived with a simple enough challenge, “one lap of the Tan thanks gang”. You’ve never seen so many jaws drop at once, though to their surprise, each runner completed the task in under 25 minutes.
HOLD HERE ONE MOMENT – That’s 3.8km in 25 minutes. First attempt! Hands up if you’ve just fallen off your chair. Please pick yourself off the ground, you’re embarrassing yourself. I know right, these guys were on fire!
Safe to say everyone surprised themselves, and soon enough, we were hitting two laps of the Tan. Then two laps of the Tan and hill sprints, two laps of the Tan, hill sprints and Fartlek. The group were a force to be reckoned with, and soon enough had outgrown the Tan.
Training took on new forms amongst Melbourne’s iconic locations The 1000 Steps, Rod Laver Area, AAMI Park and the MCG. By the end of week 4, the group were completing 8km + in under 40mins.
Fast forward 4 weeks >>>>
The morning of the Run for the Kids arrived. Under instruction to wake up at 6am for breakfast, the meeting place KX Richmond. The air in the studio full of nervous tension and excitement, we made time for a few happy snaps in our KX Pilates singlets and 2XU compression garments whilst the girls still managed to pick up a “trash mag” and catch-up on K-dash and Kanye’s latest antics before walking to the start line for our selected events.
First event to kick off the morning, the 5.5km run. After a few words of motivation and a quick high-five, the entrants turned to enter the starting line – I almost shed a tear, it was emotional.
Soon enough, the 15km event was due to commence, where I joined the remaining members for what was to be an opportunity to hit the pavement through the Domain Tunnel and over Bolte Bridge. Waiting. Waiting. More waiting (we’re at the back of the line). i-Pod on, stretching, waiting….yawn. “Alright we’re over this, let’s just get it done!” We break ranks and head off down the road leaving everyone else behind staring at the massive KX Run logo on our backs.
Now, I won’t take you down the path of how amazing the scenery was over the Bolte, or how I may have accidentally tripped another competitor… my bad, but I will leave you with some testimonials from the group by way of sharing their accomplishments:
“…The KX Run was a lot of fun! For someone that used to hate running, I thoroughly enjoyed the run…and training. I was really pleased with my accomplishments…it was definitely a start towards learning to love running. I really have James to thank…not many people would have put up with my whining every week! I actually look forward to putting on the running shoes” – Emma 

“I found running with the KX group extremely motivating. Having never been a runner, I was amazed that in my first session I ran 8km! I noticed a huge improvement in my fitness and would highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble motivating themselves…the group atmosphere was encouraging and fun” – Lauren A

“When I initially signed up I wasn’t confident that I’d be able to do it. But of course with the motivation of the group, by the time the event came it was a piece of cake. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to do the 15.5km!” – Karishma
A huge congratulations to all our clients from Malvern, Richmond and Port Melbourne; Emma, Alex, Suzanne, Karishma, Dayna, Lauren B, Aimee, Lauren A, Lindy and Jacob. You all performed exceptionally well in your chosen events!
Stay tuned for more information about KX Run in the future as we look to revamp the KX Running Group and enter more events on the Melbourne running calendar.
See you in the studio (or out on the pavement)


Lauren A – Have you bought those new runners yet?