Sometimes life feels like we are just on repeat, programmed to auto-pilot. Walking the same streets, driving the same roads, ordering the same meals, heck, even doing the same yoga poses. Over and over again we create these patterns that we just habitually follow. Eventually getting to a point of just feeling “BLAH”. I realized recently that I was starting to live in one of these robo-worlds in my asanas (yoga poses) and in my life. I didn’t like it, so I decided to do something about it. I desperately wanted to step up the excitement in my life. This is where the “scary” part comes in. Trying something new, and taking that fear and turning it into excitement. In the yoga world we call this “Stepping out of your comfort zone.”

Luckily at KX Yoga, I had an opportunity to explore the capabilities of my yoga practice and really step out of my comfort zone. During one of the classes, the instructor said “Try doing a forearm stand instead of resting.” This sounded a bit crazy to me at first. I was scared to look silly if I couldn’t get the pose, or falling flat on my face, but I knew that in that moment I was being given the space to try something new on for size. To step out of my comfort zone. So I went for it. I tried to kick up a few times, and then ended up using to much “umph” and toppled over my head. And you know what? To my surprise the whole class didn’t stop and point and laugh. The class just continued on through as if nothing happened. I realized that nothing bad happened at all. If anything I learned not to kick so hard to get into that pose.

I also learned that KX Yoga was a safe space to practice my yoga and try new poses, without being judged. The studio gave me the freedom to grow who I am, and push myself to the next level. I was then able to apply this principle outside of the yoga room. I started stepping out of my comfort zone off the mat. I found myself trying new dishes at my favorite restaurants, then took it a step further and tried going to places I have never been, trying something I have never tasted. By breaking away from the routine in my daily way of life I started noticing more things around me.

Colours seemed more vibrant and even people seemed friendlier. The opportunities that surrounded me seemed to grow an exponential amount. I took this opportunity to get messy, having no judgment on myself or the places I explored. All because I fell trying forearm stand.


– Marybeth

KX Yoga assistant manager