‘This is YOUR life.’

Have you ever been in a room full of people you don’t know? It’s awkward. Those times your partner ‘really wanted you to come’ only to leave you by yourself as soon as you arrived? Where you find yourself being either best friends with the barman or have looked at the same painting on the wall 17 times? But if you want to get to know people quickly and get them to know you, and like you, then just ask them a simple question, “What’s your passion?”

Out of the studio, this is a question I ask most people when meeting them for the first time. They may be taken back initially, as they were just expecting the usual “So, what to you do?” crap that, let’s be honest, is only a small chance you have heard of, and if you do know it, little do we understand half of the things people do in the world today to earn a living anyway! But ask about someone’s passion and they immediately take a step back and are interested in talking with you. Soon after the question is then directed back at you and you are having a conversation that actually matters!

So I ask you today, “What is your passion?”

Last Friday night I was at Hobba nights; the new Thurs-Sat evening dining session at Hawksburn’s Hobba Café. A part from a great evening (enjoy the free plug Hobba and compliment on the company Andi!), I found myself reading a manifest that was in giant writing on their wall and connecting with these words almost immediately.

A little research later I found that these words are from the ‘Holstee Manifesto.’ A bunch of sentences that were created by three guys who founded the Holstee company – a company that creates products, sells vision and bleeds passion. A company who has now had over 500,000 people share and 60 million people read their manifesto online. Click on the above thumbnail to read it too and I hope it makes somewhat of a connection with you as well.

So, ‘what’s my passion’ I hear you asking? Well, I’m afraid that is another post for another day.

Until next week, I hope all of you ‘Live your dream and share your passion’ daily. If not I would suggest putting in the necessary changes so that you can.

Train hard and eat clean.

– Aaron.