The Benefits of a morning KX Barre workout

Its 5am on a cold, dreary morning and KX Barre trainers all across Melbourne are waking eagerly, ready to challenge their clients with a mixture of planks, pikes, pliés and passés. So what’s the benefit to leaving your warm, cosy bed so early in the morning? I’m glad you asked!

A recent study of women showed that those who participated in regular morning workouts (at least 4 hours per week) experienced better sleep patterns than those who exercised in the evenings. Having a regular sleep patterns helps regulate our endocrine (hormonal) system, particularly the release of the hormones that control our appetite. Simply said, those that exercise regularly in the morning are more likely to have better eating habits.

Early birds are also more likely to burn more fat during their KX workout, as during rest our body is depleted of glucose stores leaving the body to utilize our fat stores for energy. What better way to sculpt long and lean muscles! If that wasn’t enough to motivate throwing back the doona, morning exercisers also experience better mental sharpness throughout the day, a benefit that extends up to 10 hours into the day. Committing to a morning KX workout also leaves the rest of your day free for work or other commitments, making organizing busy schedules that bit easier.

There are some important considerations for you early birds before you commence your morning KX Barre workout. Make sure you are well hydrated before you arrive to class. During sleep, our bodies enter into ‘rest and restore’ (parasympathetic nervous system). During this time, our bodies are depleted of fluids and so hydrating before class is crucial for getting the best out of your workout.

It’s also important before class, not to eat a big meal. After we eat, our digestive system produces extra fluids in the stomach to break down and process the contents of our meal. If we go to class with a full tummy, very soon into the workout we can experience dizziness and nausea. For optimal results, eat a high-energy snack such as a banana, right before class. Have some protein ready for after class to facilitate best muscle repair and recovery. Great high protein brekkies include an omelette with plenty of fresh spinach and mushrooms, or a low fat Greek yogurt with blueberries, cinnamon and a dash of honey.  So put down that 6am morning coffee, and get ready for the best high-intensity, energizing hour of your day!

Dani Thomas

KX Barre Instructor