Ever see a girl on instagram and think – my god, whatever she has going on, I want it all. Me too. This was my girlfriend Brigitte. And what she has going on is an absolute rocking body (see below). I saw she was a trainer at KX Pilates and to be honest, a little wall of resistance built up inside of me. I have tried pilates once though and didn’t like it much. But after chatting with her about KX specifically – the small, boutique friendly environment and using reformer beds, I felt a glint of myself opening up to the idea. After about a week, the idea had formulated into a plan and I was booking myself into my first session of reformer pilates with bubbles of excitement.


Part of this energy came from understanding the benefits of pilates: as a PT I know that by using body weight + light resistance, we can lengthen and tone the body. And over time, by building strength we transform our bodies into leaner, stronger versions of our previous selves. It’s no surprise that the Victoria Secret girls all celebrate pilates like it’s the new kale. Combined with the right diet, this type of exercise delivers results like these.


What else I love is that by increasing muscle density within our core we also improve posture, which not only does wonders for your spinal system but makes you look better. Speaking of posture, given the importance of performing the movements properly – pilates helps us correct any imbalances we might have, which is key in preventing injury.


The final thing about KX that I love is that it’s actually FUN, which kept me coming back time after time. I bounced on a trampoline board against resistance – I haven’t done that since I was nine years old in my backyard pretending that there was an ocean of water filled with sharks below. In the warm up, Beyonce was pumping and the instructors were amping us about how sculpted our butts would be for European summer that I barely noticed that I began to break out in a sweat. And upon leaving I was given a high – 5 and given an apple. I mean, how could I not love?


Thank you so much to Andi at KX Pilates Surry Hills who is so welcoming, and of course to my girlfriend Brigitte who #inspo ‘d me to try. Also thank you to Chris who kindly snapped these shots, to Pia at Slinkii Athletic for the top; and Emily at HUNTR for the leggings. You guys are all amazing!

For those keen to try KX, please visit their website to book online – and enjoy!

Olivia x

~credit to Olivia Arezzolo’s blog  – a happy KX client!