If you are getting ready to go to a KX Pilates class? I have to say: “Well done!” you have decided well. Let me share few tips for you so you’re good to go.

Every exercise has non-written rules and people who go there know them. As a first timer to KX, you will have no clue about these rules and that is absolutely OK. To make it easier for you and to avoid feeling like a completely newbie, come with me on a little journey before your Pilates class starts:

  1. No shoes allowed…take your shoes off and leave them in the cubby holes. Be ready to work your feet. I personally prefer no socks but you can easily purchase some grip socks to make it more comfortable or you may prefer to wear grip socks for hygienic reasons.
  2. Choose the right pants…no-one can tell you what to wear, however I would like to make few suggestions. I am suggesting to choose some tight pants/leggings rather than baggy pants. I know some of you may not be so comfortable with this suggestion but it is for a good reason. Choosing tight pants will allow you to make self correction more easily and you will also help your teacher to see if you are moving well in alignment or not. Remember that pants should be comfortable and allow you to move without limits. I recommend pants with no zips or other fancy additions. Simple is better. That does not mean boring. You can find all sorts of fun pants in athletic and sports stores. (PS. ask me for my favourite).
  3. Choose the right top…have you ever have a top on when you bend forward suddenly it hangs over your head? Yes, me too! Not any more though. When you do Pilates you should have a top which will sit in the waist or around the hips without gaping or rolling up. Protect yourself from awkward moments.
  4. Do you have long hair? No problem. But your pony-tail matters! You might find this a bit odd but trust me that position of your pony-tail will lighten your hour of Pilates. When you lie down on your back there is nothing more annoying than a pony-tail at the back of your head so your head needs to be tilted or turned. It is important to keep your spine in alignment SO keep your pony-tail up as high as you can. As a teacher I can tell that I love pony-tails, they are a great tactile-cuing tool.
  5. Sharp edges on your jewellery are a hazard for you, for your teacher and for the equipment you use in the studio. Please leave this type of jewellery at home.
  6. No chewing gum or lollies, please…it might sound ridiculous but you will be surprised how many people are chewing during a class! It always surprises me however I understand. If you have not exercised before you may not know the risks. It can be really dangerous as you lie down on your back and possibly choke. Therefore it is strictly prohibited in KX classes. NO CHEWING GUM!
  7. Keep your phone on silent. It may be an emergency and you need to keep your phone close to you, but please notify your trainer and keep it on silent. There’s nothing worse than a distracting phone ringing in the middle of class. Please respect other clients in the class and keep your phone switched off.
  8. Do you need to bring anything with you? No – we have you covered. We have sweat towels and a water cooler in the studio – so all you need to bring is your smiley self!
  9. Don’t forget to arrive 10 minutes before your first class to meet your trainer, let us know of any injuries you have (or have had) and also receive a rundown on the equipment before the class starts.

After your first class you may feel slightly overwhelmed but…keep coming and you will see that after 5 sessions you feel better and after 10 sessions you feel amazing. After 20 sessions you will see a difference and after 30 sessions you will have whole new KX body!

I wish you the smoothest start for your Pilates journey and with KX Pilates studios.