LIVE dynamic mat & reformer pilates

You can get your weekly KX class with our new online, live, high intensity and dynamic workouts.

Through our usual KX Booking system, your favourite Trainers will personally coach you through a Dynamic Mat or Reformer Pilates class ensuring you have the correct form and technique and leave sweaty, motivated and energised. All from the comfort of your home.


A live, interactive 45 minute class which uses a mix of high energy standing floor exercises with traditional mat Pilates and other lying floor based exercises. All fused into one class to create the ultimate full body dynamic mat workout.


A live, interactive 45 minute, full body, high energy KX Reformer classes designed to stretch, strengthen and challenge the body. Helping to tone, create better body symmetry and get your heart rate pumping.



Small group classes with your favourite KX Trainers

Our classes are capped at 15 clients to allow our Trainers to personally coach you live on screen to help you keep the correct form, and give you that extra nudge to feel the burn in all the right places.

participating studios

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3 cLASSES (valid 14 days) – $20



  • Fitness Mat or Reformer
  • Download the recent KX App Update
  • Download the recent Zoom App Update
  • Your favourite workout playlist
  • Approx. 2m x 4m space to move and workout
  • A device (computer, tablet or phone) connected to the internet. For the best experience, we recommend using a computer.


Place your device in a location where you can clearly see the Trainer to allow the Trainer to see you clearly and help correct your technique.

For Dynamic Mat Classes: We recommend placing your computer on the ground in front of your mat, with your mat horizontal
For Reformer Classes: We recommend placing your computer on a table or a chair, pointed to the corner of the footbar.

When you lie down on your mat/reformer or stand up, make sure your full body is in  frame. Ensure your device is flipped so that the screen is horizontal and that your camera is turned on so the Trainer can see you and give you guidance if needed.

Turn the volume on your device to full so it is easy to hear the Trainer and music

connectING YOUR device to YOUr tv

Wireless Casting

Chrome cast your device to your TV

AirPlay your device to your Apple TV


Direct TV Input

If you are using your iPhone or iPad, we recommend using a Lightning Digital AV Adapter and a HDMI cable to connect to your TV.

JOINING a live clasS

Ensure you have booked your live class as per the instructions above.
You will need to join the class via the Zoom link a minimum 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. You will not be able to join the class after the schedule start time so it is important that you are on time.

To join your booked class follow the below steps.

Via Computer (Recommended)

1. Find your studio
2. Login
3. Click JOIN LIVE next to your booked class


Via KX App

1. Login to the KX App
2. Check that your studio is selected (click on the top left menu)
3.Select My Bookings in the bottom navigation menu
4. Click Join Live Session

 PURCHASING a live class

By purchasing a Live Class, you are directly supporting your local KX Studio Owners who have been impacted by closing their studios. Proceeds from the Live Classes go directly back to the studio of your choice.

Via Computer

1. Find your studio
3. Select LIVE | 1 Class or LIVE | Intro Offer – 2 Classes (Valid 14 days)
3. Follow prompts to complete payment

Via KX App

1. Login to the KX App
2. Click on the top left menu
3. Check that your local studio is selected
4.Click on the top left menu
5. Select Buy Class Packs
6. Select LIVE | 1 Class or LIVE | Intro Offer – 2 Classes (Valid 14 days)
7. Follow prompts to complete payment

 booking a live class

All Live classes will be available to book through the schedule. To book into your class, you will need valid live class credits on your account. Follow the below steps to book your class:

Via Computer

1. Find your studio
2. Login
3. Select BOOK CLASS next to the class time you want to join


Via KX App

1. Login to the KX App
2. Check that your studio is selected (click on the top left menu)
3.Select Schedule in the bottom navigation menu
4. Select the class you wish to join
5. Select Confirm Booking