As the cooler weather starts to set in and we wind our clocks back an hour to mark the end of Daylight Savings, many of us start to slacken in our workout routines.

It’s easy to see why this is such a common phenomenon – without the revealing clothes and swimming trips of summer to keep us accountable, it’s harder to stay focused on our health and fitness (even though it’s not just about looks, of course!).

That’s what makes autumn such a fantastic time to set a brand new fitness goal. Don’t groan! Summer bodies are made in winter and the very best summer bodies are started in autumn. Just imagine the abs you’ll have come springtime if you start as soon as the weather cools off.

‘But how can I stay focused until summer when its only just finished?’ we hear you ask. Well, that’s where this post can help. That’s right: we’re talking about setting attainable goals and staying on track until they’re achieved (and then setting some more, bigger goals, because that’s just how we do it at KX).

Setting and achieving goals in any aspect of your life can be broken down into five key points:

Blog_inside_actionSET your goal

BREAK IT UP into a series of smaller goals or milestones

HAVE A BACKUP in case you are out of your comfort zone or your situation changes

STAY ON TRACK using support systems, rewards or positive affirmations; and

CELEBRATE YOUR RESULTS as you hit each target

The first point is the obvious one, setting your goals. We all have a dream when it comes to our fitness, whether we want to fit into that special occasion outfit, to smash a personal best or to have a six pack before next summer. Take a minute to envision your ultimate, far off goal and, if you need to, write it down.

Now for the next step: breaking your big goal up into a series ‘mini goals’. A good example would be those of us who aim for abs by next summer. A series of smaller goals could be firstly to hold a plank on the ground for 30 seconds, then to hold it on a reformer for 30 seconds on a heavy spring, and slowly reducing the weight of the springs over time until we can hold a plank for a full minute with no springs! Anyone who has tried to hold a plank for 30 seconds, even on the floor, could tell you that if you can do that, you will DEFINITELY have abs!

But what about those times when we can’t get to our Pilates, Barre, Yoga or Cycle class? If we’re on holidays for example? That’s when our backup plan comes into play. Whatever your goal is, imagine some obstacles that could stand in your way and envision some workarounds. A huge part of staying on track and getting results is your state of mind, so if you feel ready for anything (even the worst!) you’re more likely to succeed.

In addition to your backup plan, there are many other great ways to stay on track. It can get tedious when we are working towards a long term goal, so having support systems like workout buddies [link to Buddies post] or the community at your local KX studio can mean the difference between reaching our goals and giving up.

Lastly (and we think most importantly), you have got to take the time to celebrate your results. Whether it’s an inch off your waistline, perfectly holding a pose in Pilates or Yoga, moving up to an Intermediate or Advanced class, take a minute or two to consider how far you’ve come and what else you can achieve going forward. It’s a great feeling – enjoy it!

Not every goal has to be months and months into the future, though. If you are looking for a great way to kick start your fitness and develop some great discipline when it comes to your fitness, keep an eye out for our 6 Week DEFINE YOURSELF Challenge. Every challenge incorporates the pillars we’ve talked about so, if you are new to the fitness game and want to get some hands on guidance, our challenge could be perfect for you!

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce our very first 6 Week DEFINE YOURSELF Challenge, together with renowned Australian Nutritionist, Lola Berry. What’s included? 3 Pilates classes per week, nutritional advice, weekly tips and recipes from Lola, KX trainer support and before and after measurements to see how much you have toned up!

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