Whether you are male or female, staying in shape is hard. In fact, it’s even harder as you edge into your 30’s and certain hormonal gears start to slow down. Thankfully, more and more of us are learning how to lead healthy and more active lifestyles. Even better, it’s easier than ever before for people to learn how to lose weight and achieve overall better well being.

However, there is one hurdle when it comes to weight loss and achieving better health which few people ever mention. Namely, could it be that your romantic relationship is to blame for your weight gain in the first place? Worse, could your partner actually be the one preventing you from realising your ideal waistline?

How our Romantic Relationships can Effect our Diet

It’s a historical fact that most women gain a little weight after settling down. That said, such weight gain can often be attributed to having children and simply not having the time afterward to hit the gym or the running track once or twice a week.

However, whether you are male or female, weight gain and difficulties losing weight can arise for various other reasons. For instance, did you or your partner switch your diet after getting together, simply so that you could eat the same kind of meals together? Alternatively, do you eat out more now that you are together, or order take away more frequently?

The Importance of Realising how Different Men & Women Are

Like it or not, men and women are different. The average man has more muscle mass and usually needs to consume approximately 30% more calories per day than the average woman. This being the case, sharing a takeaway or even eating the same meals and portion sizes can lead to women consuming 30% more calories every day than they actually need to.

Perhaps more importantly, men are often much less willing to adopt significant dietary changes unless they have good reason to. In this case, suddenly switching from pizza every Tuesday to low-fat chicken salad, will often go down like a lead balloon as far as your partner’s enthusiasm goes.

How to Overcome your Weight Loss Enemy

Thankfully, there is an easy way to overcome such difficulties. Firstly, all you have to do is realise that perhaps you too are a little guilty to allow yourself to get stuck in the rut you have. Once you realise this then all you need to do is hit the reset button.

No, we’re not suggesting you reset your relationship! Rather, men and women who seem to have struggled with their weight since becoming romantically involved with someone, simply need to remember how they used to eat and structure their eating habits prior to settling down. Have you gone from eating lots of veggies and lean white meat to convenience pasta dishes and carbs? If so, think about reverting to your old diet.

All that said, never make the mistake of trying to change both you and your partner’s diet. You can still eat together after all, without having to eat exactly the same thing. Even more importantly, the last thing you want to do is cause undue stress in your relationship by attempting to push a lifestyle change on your significant other which they might not be completely appreciative of.