The KX Pilates Philosophy

Small, ongoing improvements. Your own personal evolution.

Reinvigorate your health and change your life with the KX Experience.

You’re here. We’re here. Now, let’s show you how we take your health and fitness to the next level.

KX Pilates was born from the ‘Kaizen’ philosophy: where continuous improvements reap some pretty phenomenal rewards. Well, we’ve taken this and applied it to Reformer Pilates so you can get fit and healthy on your terms.

Sure – exercise can seem daunting, but it really isn’t when it’s this enjoyable.

The Kaizen Experience, or KX, is your answer to unlocking your true body’s potential.

You get all of this:

  • Key Feature

    Active and really enjoyable fitness

  • Key Feature

    A stronger body

  • Key Feature

    Better shut-eye at night

  • Key Feature

    A big boost of energy

  • Key Feature

    Invigorating endorphins

  • Key Feature

    A clearer mind

KX Classes

You’re the centre of the universe

No matter who you are or what you do, you’re welcome at KX Pilates.

Each session is made for absolutely everyone – male and female, young and old, mum and dad, fitness fanatic, couch lover and busy professional.

And especially those who dislike the gym (we prefer what we do, and you will too).

Discover your potential, develop your body and mind, and define yourself.

KX Trainers

All journeys need great guides.

We’re being honest here: the best part of KX Pilates is our highly experienced and officially accredited Pilates trainers. They’re phenomenal – you’ll see.

Come along and be inspired by the best Fitness Trainers in Australia as they share their energy (and endorphins) with you in small classes.

There will be no distractions, boring routines or TVs in our rooms. Just motivation, sweat and results that you can be proud of.

You’ll find yourself grinning, pumped and coming back for more. Just you wait.

KX workout

Smarter not longer.

Let’s face it: everyone is super busy.

You don’t have time to dawdle around hoping to get healthy. No one does.

Well, no worries. The KX Pilates sessions will fit into your schedule and lifestyle to get you fit. Make your precious time work for you.

Glow. Sweat. Breathe. Rediscover your passion for life and love every single day.

Try KX Pilates for yourself

Discover your own personal evolution

The human form was made to move and be active.

KX Pilates is the way to give yourself the fitness, the power and the energy you deserve through invigorating movement.

Yes, it all starts small. But all good things do. Session by session, you will see what we mean, and you’ll wonder what you did without KX.
Come on! Isn’t it time you unleashed your full potential?

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Aaron Smith

The founder

Big things come from small beginnings with lots of potential!

This guy is Aaron – the Founder of the KX Group.

With first-hand knowledge from his international experience, Aaron seized the opportunity to apply dynamic Pilates together with the Kaizen approach to improve fitness using a workout style which combines healthy results with a creative, modern flare.

And we’re grateful he did, too.

Aaron aims to provide all Australians the opportunity to add KX Pilates easily to their weekly routine and discover more natural energy to fuel their lives.

The Journey of

KX Pilates

Your KX Journey Starts Now!