We all know we need to exercise right? We all know that we want to be slimmer, fitter, hotter and look better naked but no matter why you decide to exercise, we all know deep down that its better for us. But WHY and HOW??

What is it that exercise does other than drop kilos and how does it make our lives better?

Before we get to that, let’s cover why I am the one telling you about it.

  1. I am a chiropractor. To become a chiropractor you study for 5 years with a strong focus on neurology, as well I practice driven towards restoration and improvement of function, movement and balance in the body.
  2. As a result of this focus, I am passionate about helping my client’s get the most they can out of life.
  3. I am not naturally driven towards exercise and as such I am keen to get the most benefit from exercise from the least effort and time expenditure I can.
  4. Finally, I am a huge nerd, I am fascinated about the body and how it works and I frequently can’t stop trying to share what I learn with others, so here I am.


Movement impacts our bodies in so many ways, that it is impossible to cover EVERYTHING in blog form, so over 3 posts I’d like to cover these important elements of why we move;

-Proprioception: A how well does your body-control where it is in space, and how does exercise affect it?

-Movement’s impact on Stress, especially the “fight or flight response”

-Functional fitness: does the workout you are doing actually make you better at life?

So the first thing you need to know that happens when we move is about a thing called “Proprioception” – our inbuilt sense of “where is our body in space?” Whenever we move, each and every part of our body fires messages straight to our brain telling it what’s going on. It’s how you know how to do a triceps dip without hitting your behind on the side of the pilates carriage without having to look.

Proprioception is how your body measures how your brain WANTS to move Vs. what is ACTUALLY happening. After all, our body is the mechanism our brain, Nervous system (NS) and our conscious mind use to perceive, deal with and interact with the outside world. To do this, we need to know really well, where WE stop and the world starts!

So how do you know KX pilates helps makes feedback to your brain clearer? Think back to when you first started coming to KX and how you used to have to do lunges with the pole instead of weights! Over time not only do you get stronger, but also KX challenges your NS to have more control of how your legs move. KX training stresses your need you to be co-ordinated. It is REALLY important to train like this because the easier it is for your body to know where it is in space, the less likely you are to hurt yourself training or trip over or even stub your toe while walking around your home!

Make sure to watch how co-ordinated you are in your life and in your next class – you should be pretty much even on both sides of your body.

If you have any questions or concerns about your balance, co-ordination or function, make sure to speak to your trainer, or feel free to contact any of us at Align Chiropractic, our details are in the Members Benefits section!


– Kieran