Alongside my Pilates training, I find that ensuring smart nutrition in daily life is essential for complete well being. A close friend of mine introduced me to ‘Kefir’ and since I have made it a part of my daily routine for almost a year now, I’ve recommended and passed on the ancient tradition to many people and thoroughly enjoyed it’s vast benefits.


Kefir comes from a Turkish word which means ‘feel good’. It is an ancient, nutritional and therapeutic complete food originated from a village known for long and healthy lives at the Caucasus Mountains at the border of Europe and Asia, thousands of years ago. Then it was brought to Russia. Over time, the milk that was transported over the long vast farms there in the summer slowly curdled and fermented to create these unique natural seeds within the leather satchels that were used to carry the milk. Kefir is a natural lacrose-free fermented milk that is rich with pre-digested protein, essential minerals and vitamins. It is cultured with Kefir grains which are a mixture of billions of bacteria, much more than you will find in natural yoghurt. IT IS AMAZING. It is completely natural and great for any health condition.


Kefir is great for so many things, here are just a few:

– Cleanses and strengthens your intestines, improves digestion and promotes elimination

– Relaxes and nourishes your nervous system and prevents and cures sleeping disorders

– Strengthens bones and teeth and maximizes growth

– Detoxifies and cleans blood.. this promotes younger looking skin

– Prevents and lessens allergies

– Speeds metabolism and proper utilization of fats proteins and carbohydrates

– regulates reproductive system and improves libido

– Has strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Good for arthritis


The seeds are available from selected Naturopaths and health shops or I myself am happy to share my batch. When made up at home, the seeds multiply and grow. Basically, you put the seeds in a glass jar and then top it up with organic raw goats or cows milk. Place it in the cupboard in the afternoon or evening covered with a piece of cotton cloth and fastened with a rubber band so that it can breath. It needs oxygen to grow. Depending on the tempertaure of the day, the fermentation takes 12 to 24 hours, so some time the next day, it’ll be ready to drink, you be the boss. When ready, the grains float to the top of the milk and it’s slightly thickened and separated into curds and whey. It’s then time to strain it all for drinking, or putting on top of your favourite muesli mix with honey, keeping  the seeds in the strainer to repeat the ceremony!

The following links provide further information about making Kefir and all the benefits


My favourite thing about drinking Kefir everyday is that it provides long lasting energy and fuels my busy lifestyle. First thing in the morning, on the go, or on top of a yummy muesli and fruit mix, it helps you feel fuller for longer and ready for the day, while providing all the amazing long lasting benefits. Feel free to ask me more or if you’d like some of the seeds, e-mail me: [email protected]



– Paul