I’m sure that those die hard followers of KX Pilates are already enjoying the benefits of better sex since making pilates part of their lives. I thought it would be good to discuss some benefits out loud and share the secret with everyone else too… Pilates (especially KX Pilates) does wonders for your sex life!

Every other magazine has an article telling you how to boost your sex life and impress your other half. They are full of adventurous suggestions, theories and positions, but, in my opinion, they skip over the basics which really take the experience from ooh to oooohhhh!


1)   Body confidence- As you become more toned and in tune with your body you will start to feel more comfortable and sexy in your own skin, and won’t mind others seeing it.

2)   Moveable hips- learning to isolate and tilt your pelvis back and forth is helpful in all positions!

3)   Having a strong powerhouse- Stronger butt, inner thighs, abs and back will help you put a bit more action into your moves. Better endurance, grip and intensity!

4)   Tighter pelvic floor- The pelvic floor is the key! Learning how to contract it, tighten it and use it heightens your sensitivity makes love making much more sensual and the big O more likely!

5)   Supple & sculpted body- Feeling sexy and improving your flexibility!! Need I say more!?

6) An integrated mind and body- Even Mr Joseph Pilates considered “the heightening level of experience the body can enjoy” through pilates. He wanted to teach people how ‘integrate the body and mind toward an elevation of the spirit and full enjoyment of the pleasures of life.’ Well said Joseph! Bravo!! Plus this concept of better body and mind connection helps you breath deeper, focus your mind and experience the present moment to its maximum, without your mind straying from the job in hand!!

So some of you reading this, who know me personally, may be wondering, is all the above tried and tested Amie? Yes it is!! Don’t get me wrong, I am no sex expert or nymphomaniac, but Pilates will always be part of my fitness regime for many reasons, and better sex and body confidence are definitely top reasons for me to always make time for it! A few ladies have also told me that their husbands are more than happy to fund their pilates ‘habit’ as it’s a win win investment, which is a testament in itself!

So my final words of advice are – “Workout for mind, body and soul!”

Until next time…