Bad eating habits. We all have them! No matter how controlled you are with what goes in your mouth, there is always something that on occasion you just can’t resist! For many of us, our lives comprise of a couple of little bad habits that we repeat each and every day, a lot of the time subconsciously. This, includes both how we eat and what we eat. It’s really difficult to change bad eating habits, so trying to eliminate a bad habit completely (such as eating the wrong foods), is a defective idea. The only method that actually works is to change those bad eating habits to good eating habits for the long term. You need to think of these changes as lifestyle changes – for the long term.

Here’s tricks and tips you should adopt to help you change your bad eating habits:

1. Don’t Rush: Small and steady gradual changes are best. Try not to look for a rapid fix – simply because there isn’t one! You won’t be able to break your unhealthy habits overnight. So, instead of having a complete overhaul of your diet, gradually change your habits to include good eating habits. This way you’re adjusting to positive habits permanently. And, if you concentrate on changing one eating habit at a time, you won’t feel overwhelmed and be tempted to ditch the complete transition.

Blog_food2. Resist the Temptation to Overeat: This simply comes down to discipline. We need to understand our
bodies’ reactions as we eat and recognise the sign that we’re satisfied and, not just continue eating for the sake of eating. Obviously, we need a certain level of willpower and discipline, but this is a small price to pay to achieve your goal. So ask yourself on a regular basis – am I satisfied and can stop eating or am I just eating for the sake of it.

3. Think Positive: It’s surprising how a powerful state of mind can help you here. The mind has a powerful impact on our body. If we can impart this uplifting mentality and persuade our intuitive mind that we can change our eating habits, then change will actually occur. Before we know it, we’ll change our dietary habits and can also be claiming that we can eat any food without putting on weight due to our small appetite. This change in attitude and belief won’t happen overnight, but with determination, patience and time, you can accomplish all the positive changes you need to help you achieve your goal.

Blog_food24. Have a Weekly Plan: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail (cliché we know)! But it’s necessary to have a weekly plan to help you remain focused and importantly you must stick to it! Make a grocery list that has healthy whole foods only, so don’t deviate to the chocolate aisle when shopping either! Prepare your food for multiple days and do big cook ups to plan ahead. The less you need to think about what you are eating next the easier it will be to stay on track.

5. Don’t get famished. As soon as you become incredibly hungry and don’t have a prepared healthy option in front of you, cravings and bad choices take over. It’s no lie that junk food/fast food is a quick and unhealthy option, but when you;re hungry this will always be the fastest option. So put yourself in a position so that this never happens.

Changing bad eating habit can really be a daunting process, but it can be achievable if you stay committed and plan to succeed. Remember – think of it as a positive change in lifestyle for the long term – and it will change your life.