With Joe Sbarro. First intake 26th April.

A good adjustment can change a practitioner’s point of view on a posture, a teacher, or the practice of yoga itself. It can take a yogi deeper into an asana than they might be able to access on their own, it can help translate the teacher’s abstract cues into meaningful sensations in the body, and it can serve to provide the strength and support necessary for a practitioner not to give up. These being the case, adjusting is an invaluable tool in the teachers toolbox.

If you are an experienced or new Yoga teacher, in this program, you can expect to learn:

– Provide safe, intelligent, and efficient adjustments in the classroom setting.

– Develop a deeper understanding of the intricacies of how adjusting works.

– How to apply this to the unique situations you encounter in a yoga class.

– Understand how to break down poses for the different body types.

– Develop the skills for modifications to take them deeper into their practice.

Our 8 week intensive program with Joe Sbarro is designed to offer you these teachings through theory, practice and experience. You will be supported through all stages of growth, which is what makes this program unique.

To Qualify:

Must have minimum 200TT Certificate Must have insurance. Cost of Adjustors program is $350. To register your interest click the Apply Now button below:

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