It’s easy to see why KX Pilates classes are so addictive. The intensity, the burn and the jaw dropping results. But can you get that same feeling from a KX Barre class? Absolutely!

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Not quite a dance class, and not your typical Pilates class, Barre is a fusion of ballet based and traditional Pilates exercises to give you a high intensity workout that tones, sculpts, lengthens and chisels your body to perfection. You don’t need dance experience to do Barre, only the motivation to want to change your body for the better. With fans such as Taylor Swift and Victoria Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel & Doutzen Kroes it’s easy to see why Barre is becoming such an international success.

So what can you expect from your Barre class? Using small props such as resistance bands, Pilates balls and hand weights, a Barre class will focus on challenging your strength & stability. Don’t be fooled by those light hand weights, they may look small but Barre is all about using mainly our body weight with higher repetitions which is shown to build long lean muscle, as opposed to using heavy weights with lower reps, which will build more bulk.

If you have never had any dance training, some of the exercises may be unfamiliar. But don’t worry, our wonderful and caring Instructors will give you all the tips you need to perform each exercise safely and correctly. If you’re wanting to try a slower paced class, focused on breaking down each exercise, we recommend our Barre Beginner class. Those wanting something a little faster paced and more challenging, an Intermediate or Cardio class is perfect for you. There are even pre and postnatal classes, for those of you expecting or already with your bundle of joy.

Our classes may not give you the skills to dance your way off to a job with a ballet company, but we can certainly give you the body of a pro dancer. Why not raise the Barre in 2015, and try something new?


– Dani Thomas

KX Barre & KX Pilates Instructor